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UV Stand Up Booth Tanning

Our stand up tanning beds are some of the most powerful beds on the market, and are perfect for the quick tan on your lunch break, after work or some quick rays on the weekend. Getting your nice bronze glow has never been quicker or easier!

UV Lay Down Bed Tanning

Tan In Paradise is proud to offer an extensive array of tanning beds for premium tanning. Want to take a break from your hectic life? Think of our beds as your private oasis to escape — which work wonders for your stress level!. A full 15 minute session can be just the perfect momentary break to relax, rest, and breathe. Bring your own music to listen to or listen to our hand-picked music guaranteed to wash away your stress.

Sunless Spray Tan

The sunless spray tanning booth at Tan In Paradise utilizes a spray-on process that applies a self tanning solution containing aloe vera moisturizers and a bronzer for quick color, to the entire body, in a matter of seconds. Our machine has multiple levels with each level using precise mixers of tanning solution for every skin profile. You can customize your look and boost color for any occasion.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a restorative, cell-enhancing therapy that helps repair skin and boost collagen throughout the body. It stimulates your cells by regenerating them and leaving you with a more youthful appearance. The heat and light boost circulation, bringing more blood and nutrients to the area. Brighter, clearer, and tighter feeling skin are the first effects of Red Light Therapy.

Leg Tanning

The Leg Tanner by Classic Legs will take your color a step further on those hard to tan legs! The leg tanner was created to address the needs of tanning customers who want to even the tanning of their legs to match the color of their mid section and face. Our research shows that tanning beds tend to concentrate the majority of their light energy towards the middle of the tanning area. The leg tanner provides a solution that will increase your overall satisfaction and tanning experience!

Teeth Whitening

Some say that your eyes are the window to the soul, however your teeth are the window to your health. Beautiful pearly whites say something special. Have you ever gone to the dentist and looked into cosmetic teeth whitening only to find out it costs hundreds of dollars? Have you used over the counter teeth whitening kits that delivered less than exceptional results? Try our teeth whitening system that delivers professional results, without the cosmetic costs.