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Current Promotions

They Win, You Win!!!

Football season starts very soon! During the entire NFL season, including Pre-Season, We are going to run a “They Win, You Win” promotion. We will be supporting the Broncos this year and boosting Team Spirit. If the Broncos win, clients will receive a store wide discount based on how much they win by. Example, Broncos 21 and the awful Raiders 7. You will receive a 14% discount store wide the next day! It can be utilized in conjunction with customer loyalty discounts not to exceed 40%. If you don’t know what the score was, check out Facebook page for the discount that day after the game!

Punch Card Madness!

For every $10 you spend at Tan in Paradise, you will receive a punch card (our business card). Keep that card handy because every time you spend $10, you’ll get another punch. Once you have 10 punches, you’ll receive $10 off any package or session!

“Bring Me Back Empty”

Did you buy a tanning lotion from us? Awesome! Just don’t throw away that bottle though when it’s empty! Bring that bad boy back to the store and receive a tanning session on us for free!