How to tan without breaking the law

You might have thought you had the option to wear a mask to avoid getting sunburned.

However, the mask is a good idea if you are at risk of getting sunburnt.

The skin protection is usually applied to the face or neck area.

But, it’s not the only way to protect yourself.

Here are 10 tips to help you tan without getting sunstroke.


Make sure you wear a sunscreen.

A sunscreen will help protect you from UV rays and protect your skin from getting sun-damaged.

It also helps to protect your eyes and reduce your chances of getting a sunburn.


Don’t overdo it.

Sunscreens should be applied at least once every day.

You should never apply a sunblock over your entire face or any area that has a tendency to burn.


Don´t be too careful with your sunscreen.

Some people like to apply sunscreen as a facial moisturiser or to treat a skin condition.

It is important to use a sunscreen that does not have harmful chemicals, harmful preservatives or harsh colours.

It should not be applied to your eyes or other sensitive areas.


Never apply a sunscreen directly to the skin.

It will also dry out your skin.


Don�t apply a lot of sunscreen to the sunburns area.

Apply sunscreen to your face and neck.


You can wear sunglasses or sunglasses with a visor to help prevent sunburn and reduce the chance of sunburn getting into your eyes.


Use a shade that will prevent sun burn.

Make it a shade of orange, lime green or yellow.


Donât apply sunscreen directly on your eyes if you already have a sun problem.

You will probably need to use your eye drops or cream.


Avoid using sunscreen in the sun for more than a couple of hours at a time.

It can cause irritation to your eye and your skin and can cause skin to break down.


Always wear sunscreen as directed by your dermatologist.


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