What’s in a name? The New York Times headline: Is ‘Tanya’s’ the new ‘Tanning Salon’? In the world of tanning, the ‘T’ stands for Tanning, so the headline was a reference to a company that claims to offer a “tasty, convenient and environmentally friendly way to tan.”In the days leading up to the presidential election, the Tanya’s website had a splashy headline that read: “Tanya is a tanning and salon business.” The company was set up in 2013, and in the past year, it has raised over $300,000. But it’s also become a cause celebre among Democratic candidates.Some Republicans, however, have questioned the Tanyas credentials, and some politicians are already questioning the value of the tanning business in their districts. A former Republican state legislator in New Hampshire, who asked not to be identified, said he was skeptical of the business because of its reputation.The former lawmaker also said the tannery itself was not a top priority for him, and that it was more about “factory farming” than anything else.”They don’t even pay their employees any wages,” the lawmaker told ABC News. “They pay them what they’re going to pay a worker, but they don’t pay them the wages they should be paying them.”But many voters see the tanneries as a valuable tool in the fight against climate change. A study conducted by the University of Massachusetts Amherst found that among voters who believe the climate crisis is a serious threat to the country, about two-thirds of them want to see the U.S. do more to fight climate change, and nearly half of them also want the country to adopt policies to curb emissions of carbon dioxide.”The people who think the TANYAS is the solution to climate change are not the people who actually care about climate change,” said David Lippman, a Republican who is a candidate for the state legislature.Lippman added that the tan-making industry is actually “tough on the environment.”He said that tanning is a large-scale industry that is responsible for about two thirds of the carbon emissions in the country.”If we could take the TONYAS out of the equation and put it in the environment, we could have a much healthier planet,” he said.The TANYAs website also says it has a “direct relationship” with the state, and says it “supports the state’s efforts to reduce emissions from fossil fuels.” But the company has not been able to show that the state has been reducing its emissions, according to a recent

in the New York Daily News.TANYAs spokesman, John Zweibel, told ABC that the company had “zero financial impact” on the state.

“We have a direct relationship with the State of New Hampshire,” he told ABC.

“And we support the State in its efforts to address climate change.”ABC News’ Matt Boudreau contributed to this report.


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