Why is this company that has been accused of child abuse, child sexual abuse and murder on their site selling skin care products?

By now you probably know that Tanning salon Chelmsfield, which was set up by a former employee of Lancôme, has been embroiled in controversy since it emerged that the company was selling skin-care products with links to child abuse and child sexual exploitation.

The Lancômes own Facebook page, which has over 100,000 followers, is also littered with comments that condemn the company for the products, and have even gone as far as to call for its removal.

This is a huge problem because the products are so widely available that they are selling products with child abuse links and paedophilic links and even child sexual and trafficking links, as the company itself has admitted.

So why does this company continue to sell these products, which are in the process of being banned, despite this?

And why are they still selling these products?

In an exclusive interview with Business Insider, Tanning Salon Chelmesfield owner, James Gorman, admitted that he was unaware that the products had links to abuse and sex trafficking.

He also admitted that the sales of these products were “unacceptable”.

“We know it is very, very hard to get rid of a business, but if we are going to sell skin care it has to be absolutely the right product.

So if it’s the wrong product it has got to be banned,” he said.”

The fact that it has been sold on a website for over a decade, it is absolutely unacceptable.”

But he claimed that he didn’t have the right to make a judgement on the products because the company’s own policies had been breached.

“You’ve got to respect the privacy of our customers and the safety of our staff.

It is very difficult for us to do that.

We have policies in place to ensure that if we receive any complaint or a complaint from any customer, we will act immediately.

It’s something that we are very much committed to,” he added.

James Gorman says he was ‘completely unaware’ of Lancome-linked products, despite having the right policies, in an exclusive Business Insider interview.

The company said it is aware of the problem, and has started investigating, but it will not be removing products from the website until it is “perfectly clear” what the links are.

“It is very clear that there is a link between the Lancômer products and child abuse.

This is the reality,” a Lancômans spokesperson said in a statement.”

While Lancômed’s product portfolio does not have any direct links to the sexual exploitation or child abuse of children, the products and links to products and services associated with this matter are completely unacceptable.

The Lancôment team are currently undertaking an investigation into these matters and will not remove products until we have fully and completely explained the situation.”

James Gogan says Lancome products have links to sexual exploitation, and that they’re selling them on a site for over nine years, despite being banned.

He said that the Lancome brand has been selling skin products for more than nine years and that Lancôma “has been banned for child abuse” and “child sexual exploitation”.

“What is clear is that Lancome has had the power to ban Lancôm.

But the fact that they did not do so shows the total disregard that the brand has for the customers and safety of their staff,” the spokesperson added.”

Lancômes management and the company have been extremely apologetic, and are working with Lancôms team to identify all issues with Lancome’s products.”

However, the spokesperson said that Lancos own policy of removing products with a link to child exploitation and child sex trafficking was not breached, and it will “continue to work with Lancos team to ensure compliance”.

James Glynn, the CEO of Lancorex, the company that owns the Lancos skin- care brand, said that they have “no comment”.

“There are no further comments to make.

Thank you for your understanding,” he told Business Insider.

But it seems that the reality is that some Lancômas products are still sold in stores and online.

A spokesperson for Lancome confirmed to Business Insider that Lancomerx has no plans to remove products that were originally on the site.

But Lancômos skin-lightening and hair-lightener products are not banned on the Lancomare website, as are the Lancometas hair and skin-piercing products.

“As part of our ongoing investigation into our products and our policies, we are now working with our suppliers to identify any existing product on our website that may contain child abuse or child sexual or trafficking links.

We will work with them to remove these products,” a spokesperson said.


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