What you need to know about tanning beds

New Scientist is pleased to publish our first look at the latest research into tanning bed technology.

The team behind the study, led by scientists at the University of Queensland, are now focusing on the issue of how long you should keep your skin dry, in order to make sure you can enjoy the benefits of the technology.

“Our goal is to find out how long people will tolerate and keep their skin dry before developing a skin condition like eczema,” lead author Professor Tom Grieve said.

“We wanted to find what people are comfortable with and what conditions people can tolerate and still feel comfortable with.”

Dr Grieve, who is also from the University’s School of Biological Sciences, said people’s skin would respond to what they were exposed to over time.

“The more exposure to a condition, the more your skin is sensitive to the chemicals that are being produced and the more you are exposed to chemicals, the greater the exposure will be,” he said.

To test the research, the team created a model of skin that was exposed to various chemicals, including benzene, and then simulated the skin’s response.

The results revealed that people with a mild to moderate eczematous skin condition, known as “pale skin” or “pore acne”, had the best results, with a skin drying rate of between 25 and 60 per cent.

The study also found that people who are prone to eczemic skin conditions, known in dermatology as “skin cancer”, had a significantly worse drying rate, with the drying rate dropping to between 8 and 15 per cent for those who were more prone to “normal” skin conditions.

Professor Grieve explained that these “pandemic” conditions were more likely to cause irritation, such as redness, inflammation and scarring, while “normal”, or “skin-normal” conditions, were more susceptible to skin-repairing chemicals.

“Skin is more sensitive to chemicals in skin,” he added.

“This is why you get dry skin and you may be less comfortable with a certain product, because your skin might be less sensitive to those chemicals.”

The study’s findings have implications for how we treat eczymatous conditions in the future, because skin dryness can increase the chances of developing skin cancer.

“I think that dermatologists should be thinking about the potential for this to be a very important part of treatment,” Dr Grieve added.

He said the research also demonstrated that people’s risk of developing eczemy was related to their exposure to certain types of chemicals in the environment, such that a high exposure to benzene could increase the risk of eczemia.

“People exposed to benzenes in their homes may be exposed to more chemicals in their environment and may be more susceptible.”

So if you have a skin dry condition, and you’re exposed to those environmental chemicals in your environment, you might be more likely [to develop eczmia].

“The team hopes to carry out further research into the effects of environmental chemicals on the skin and to identify the types of skin conditions that people most often develop.

You can actually put a little bit of sunscreen on the surface of your skin to keep it from drying out.””

What you might find is you can use some of these products that are commonly used in the UK to help prevent eczems,” he explained.

“You can actually put a little bit of sunscreen on the surface of your skin to keep it from drying out.”

But if you want to treat eczes, you should also treat your skin with moisturiser or some of the products that we’ve used to treat skin drynesses like oil cleansers, or skin treatments.

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