Tanning salon vows to return to its roots


— Tanning salon owner Tony Bensahel says he is taking a page from a business playbook that helped him build a loyal clientele.

And it has paid off.

“I’m doing what I do to earn money, which is to have people coming in and spending money,” Bensashe told NBC Bay Area on Friday.

Bensahe, the owner of Tanning Salon, said his business has helped thousands of people lose weight and improve their health.

This is a place where people get to eat, do what they want to do, and make money,” he said.

He’s the founder and owner of the San Francisco-based Bensama Salon and Spa.

His business has been around for decades, with clients from across the country and even overseas.

Many of his clients, he said, come in to get a quick tan before heading home to visit family.

But he’s also seen a growing number of customers in recent years, and he has noticed a trend among women who are looking for a more casual look.

While he has seen a small uptick in sales in recent months, he expects to see that trend continue as more customers come in.

For Benssahel, that means getting back to basics.

The San Francisco resident said he’s had to make adjustments in his business, and is not looking to expand his operations.

Benedashe says he knows he’s not the only person who is looking to get healthier.

When he opened the first shop in 2003, he used to have two employees.

Now, there are only two.

In a statement released on Friday, Benshals said he hopes to reopen his first shop “soon.”

The statement also thanked his community, his customers and his employees.

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