Trump’s ‘stinkin’ tanning parlor’: What the experts say

The White House’s new White House tanning facility, located in the basement of the White House, is not for the faint of heart.

The president’s new tanning studio is actually located inside a tanning booth and the president’s staffers have complained about the smell.

But for some, the smell is the only reason they will visit the Trump Tower tanning shop.

Here are five other things you need to know about the Trump tanning office.

The tanning line was supposed to start operating in late January, but Trump announced on February 1 that he would not sign the bill that passed the House and Senate.

On February 10, the president signed the bill into law.

“You guys are a bunch of scum, that’s all,” Trump told a group of lobbyists when they refused to sign the law.

Trump signed the tanning law into law on February 20, but not before some employees complained about what they described as the smell of urine and the smell they attributed to human waste.

Trump has blamed the odor on “the human waste in the tanner,” but he later apologized to the workers who were unhappy with the new regulations.

Trump said the tannery’s tanning workers were not “the most intelligent or talented people” he had ever hired.

But the tanners in the room next to him said they were, and said that the smell was so bad they could barely see the president.

A number of Trump supporters have taken to the Internet to voice their concerns about the new rules.

In an interview with Fox News, one Trump supporter called the new law “one of the dumbest things he’s ever signed.”

The man also claimed that Trump’s aides had told the press that Trump had been told the tan-toting employees would be fired if they failed to comply with the regulations.

“He told me, ‘You’re fired if you don’t obey this law,'” the man told Fox News.

“I’m telling you, they said, ‘It’s going to be a lot easier for you to get fired than it is for you and your staff to go out and do it.

It’s going be much easier.'”

The man said that one of the tanters was actually a Trump supporter who had taken a picture of Trump’s signature during the signing ceremony.

The man added that the man had taken the photo and shared it on social media and in the press.

Trump, in a tweet on February 19, called the man a “scumbag” and said he had been “trying to be polite and respectful.”

Trump’s office has also denied that the tanting workers had complained about Trump’s new law.

The spokesman for the Trump Organization told CNN on February 22 that the Trump family had received complaints from some employees about the tan shop’s new regulations, but that they had not had any complaints from the tan lines themselves.

“It’s not that they haven’t had complaints, it’s that the rules have been so complicated that it’s been hard for them to figure out exactly what they need to do,” Trump’s spokesman, Jason Miller, told CNN.

The new regulations will not affect employees who work at Trump properties or businesses that are not Trump properties, Miller said.

But Miller said the president has been “disappointed” in the regulations, which he called “an unfair and unreasonable regulation.”

“The rules are intended to make the business environment more efficient and reduce waste,” Miller said, “and they are meant to be flexible to the needs of our businesses.”

Miller also told CNN that he expected the new tannery regulations to lead to a reduction in the number of people employed in the Trump business, but did not elaborate.

In a statement to CNN, the tanbing company told the network that “we are pleased that the president will soon sign the new Administration regulations.

The President is working diligently to bring the tan business back to profitability.

We are confident that this will be a great opportunity for the American public to enjoy the benefits of this new industry.”

The Trump tannery workers told CNN they were satisfied with the changes and that they hope the president “will continue to make good on his promise to ‘Make America Great Again.’ “


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