How to get the most out of the new Oculus Touch controllers

Hialeah Beach, FL (AP) If you thought Microsoft’s Touch controllers were just for games, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Oculus is making some of its biggest hits with its Touch controllers, and now the company is releasing a brand new set of controllers that offer an immersive virtual reality experience.

The controllers, called Joy-Con, are made out of two different plastic shells that can be attached to a strap.

The Joy-Cons come in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

They come in either black or blue.

The larger Joy-Cards are the most popular with gamers, but you can buy a larger JoyCard for $60 or $80.

The other new controller, the Wireless Joy-con, is a new type of Joy-Pad controller, which comes with a camera and microphone attached to the controller.

It works like a smartphone gamepad, and you can use the controllers as a remote for playing games, watching videos, and playing other VR experiences.

They’re also a great way to play the Oculus Rift headset.

A few months ago, Oculus revealed that they’d be making more controllers.

At the time, Oculus said that the controllers were coming with more sensors and better wireless connections, but it didn’t specify exactly what those new sensors would be.

Oculus has been making new Joy-cons and Wireless Joys since February, and they’re now the most widely available.

These new controllers have two new sensors: a gyroscope and accelerometer.

These sensors let you track your movement using sensors on the controllers’ sides.

The gyro is the gyroscopic position, and the accelerometer is the motion tracking.

The controller also comes with two microphones, one for sound and one for the camera.

The sensors on these Joy-Controllers can also read your heartbeat and other sensors, so you can hear how your heart is beating or what the vibration is like.

The wireless Joy-Cs are designed to work with the Oculus Touch motion controllers.

They’ve been redesigned from the ground up for the Touch controllers.

The new controllers come in two colors, black and blue.

There’s also a red Joy-Button on the left and a green Joy-button on the right.

The buttons are colored white, which is the color of the Oculus logo.

The pads are made of plastic and are about the size of a credit card.

When you’re sitting down, the Joy-CONs feel like you’re touching a piece of plastic.

When they’re not, the pads feel like your fingers are touching a soft cushion.

The Wireless Joystick is the same shape as the JoyCON, but the wireless Joystick doesn’t have any buttons or sensors.

The Controller is an extension of the Joysticks, and it’s just like the JoyCon, except that it’s wireless.

The USB port on the Controller is also a USB port, and like the wireless controllers, it can connect to your PC or Mac.

These controllers come with an Oculus Touch sensor, which detects the orientation of the controller’s face and lets you adjust the joystick to match your position.

This is a pretty unique way to use a controller, though Oculus says that you won’t have to wear a headset to use the controller in VR.

It’s important to note that the controller is still compatible with the original Oculus Touch headset.

But it’s a very different experience.

Oculus says you can move the controllers around the room, which means you’ll be able to see your character’s movement in VR, and if you’re playing a game, the controller will show you the distance of the enemies.

You can also use the Controller to interact with the world around you, which Oculus says will be the best way to see the world in VR while you’re out in the world.

The only problem with the Controller right now is that the price is very steep.

The price for the Wireless Controller is $120.

The pricing for the Joystick controller is $150.

The prices for the controllers are $80 each, with the Wireless one starting at $50.

You’ll need an Oculus account to use either of these controllers.

These prices aren’t final, and Oculus has a number of other things coming up soon, but these are the basics for now.

It doesn’t take long to pick up the Joy Controllers.

You don’t have a lot of time to get your hands on these, so we recommend you get your controller today.

If you do want to try out the new controllers, Oculus is selling them at a discounted price.

You could try to get a free one by taking advantage of the coupon code at checkout.

The discount is good until April 30, so it’s best to use it while you can.

Oculus doesn’t say how many people will be able access the new Joy Contenders, but we do know that they will have limited availability.

If it’s worth the


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