Why I Hate Your Hair

I’m not sure how this thread has survived for so long, but it’s still one of the most popular threads in Reddit.

Here’s the thing: I hate my hair.

I don’t hate my nails.

I don’t think they look great on me.

I’m the most socially awkward person on the planet.

It’s not like I’m looking for attention, but I’m just not in the mood to look good to anyone.

I just hate my skin.

My skin is a fucking mess.

I never knew this was a thing, but there’s a whole culture of people who are obsessed with it.

I’ve been told by my boyfriend that his skin looks really bad and he thinks it’s because he has oily skin.

He’s so into that, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a great skin person.

The thing is, it’s kind of hard to look at someone else’s skin and not be like, oh, well, you can’t get your face covered like that.

I’m not one to argue about skin issues, but my skin is fucking gross and I don, I don´t get it.

It doesn’t make me any less of a person or less deserving of respect.

And, to be honest, I can’t even really explain it to people, because I have no idea how I look.

It feels like a mask to me.

I guess I can see why people are attracted to the fact that I have oily skin and freckles.

It means I can use the internet and go on Instagram and be able to talk about my freckled face and my freak-tastic tattoos and my weird, weird hair.

I get it, right?

I don´te hate the way my skin looks, but in reality, I’m definitely not attracted to it.

And for that, I blame Reddit.

The subreddit is a place for people who hate their skin and the world they live in, but they’re not necessarily looking for a relationship, or any sort of connection.

The more open it is, the more they want to be able connect.

But that’s not how I feel.

I feel like I need to be the only person who has a freckle and freakiness on their face.

For example, this is my friend who has been using the subreddit to make sure people know what freckling is, and what it’s like to have a freakier-than-average complexion.

She has a couple of friends who have frecklings, but the one that she loves is her mother.

I really appreciate her for that.

But when she uses the subreddit, she doesn’t have to be alone.

When I see other frecklers, I look at them and think, wow, that’s a great friend.

That’s a freaky girl.

I think she’s the most beautiful person in the world.

She’s got the best face, she’s got frecklies, and she’s freckly.

I just wanna see her face.

I used to think that people had freckless skin and they would be a lot more interesting to meet and talk to, but when I started using the Reddit community, I got a lot of people telling me that they had frecks and freaks on their faces and I was like, wow.

I’m definitely frecklish.

And I think that freckliness is actually a part of my skin that I don¹t really know what to think about.

When I see someone else, I feel bad about it, and I just want to get rid of that freaky, frecky part of myself.

It was like a big, gaping wound in my face, and so it just kind of became this weird, unspoken part of me that I couldn’t really talk about because I couldn¹T bring myself to say anything.

It just felt like this invisible, dark place, like a secret I couldn´t open up about, or get to the bottom of.

I didn’t know this existed until I used the subreddit.

I guess I was always like, I need a place to be frecklable, and then I started being like, Oh, I´m frecklier than everybody else.

Like, people are frecklly.

I love frecklis, like frecklin’ is like a language.

I can talk about freckleness all day long and nobody talks about frecks, but frecklessness is the language.

That¹s the one thing that makes me feel really comfortable about myself.

I hate freckls.

I hate the fact I have frecks.

I want to go on YouTube and have frekls, but then I’m like, well if I have a bunch of freck-flicks on my face and I look good, I will probably get the freckli.

I will get the flaklin


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